Note from the Editor

The continuous inflow of developers and the release of new protocols have made it harder and harder to keep up with the innovation in blockchain technology. The decentralized nature combined with the open source culture have increased the speed of transformation dramatically.

It used to take decades to build successful businesses worth a billion USD in the pre-internet area. Technology startups have shortened the trajectory to build unicorns to just a few years. Decentralized protocols have shown the world that it is now possible to accrue one billion in value within a few months.

When Europeans colonized America every area of America at one point formed the frontier to unchartered territory. This frontier shaped the collective experience and formed a specific culture. Distributed ledger protocols are now at the new frontier of advancement. They are exploring the boundaries of an emerging technology and will eventually build the Web 3.0. 

Decentralized Finance and digital scarcity are going to become the defining narratives in the upcoming resurrection of the cryptocurrency industry. We at FrontierProtocols are dedicated to cover the protocols that are at the frontier of innovation and progress.


Research Analyst
Rob is a European technology enthusiast and start up entrepreneur. He has been covering the cryptocurrency space in various news outlets since early 2017. His main areas of interest are Decentralized Finance, non-fungible tokens, deflationary protocols and Austrian Economics.

Anju Mobin
Research Analyst

An experienced cryptocurrency writer, Anju is passionate about decentralized finance innovation in developing and emerging economies, as well as, building a financially inclusive society.